Cross-chain protocol providing true value to your NFT

What makes ENVELOP (NIFTSY) special

Fine-tune your NFT

Fine tune your NFT

Add tokens, royalties and timelocks

NFT markets in a single access point

Access all in one

Securely access all NFT markets in one place with the ENVELOP app

Cross-chain tokenization

Cross chain

Tokenize any physical or digital object as well as financial assets and trade them regardless of the blockchain

Discover the price

Price discovery

The oracle will help you valuate and set the right floor price for your NFT

ENVELOP protocol

ENVELOP protocol

wrapps collateral, distributes royalties, adds value from transactions to the wrapped collateral



monitor the transactions of NFTs, filter spam transactions and increase the value of NFTs, depending on the transactions performed.



monitors the market activity from different sources, providing an objective picture of the market in real time

Use case

You can create an NFT on ENVELOP, wrap it with collateral and sell. The transfer will be registered by the oracle, and the protocol will put a share of the money paid on the transfer into the wrapped collateral, elevating the NFT’s value.

The index will register the transfer and will reflect it in its market statistics for everyone to see.



The authors can set their parameters for the NFT, including the collateral and royalties



The holders will get a better guarantee of the NFT’s growing price value



The traders get a faster execution of trades



The opportunity to receive royalties, to throw different tokens or objects into collateral, or to rent objects. Greater functionality of characters and artifacts.



The universe itself will be able to set up royalties. Users can create cases themselves, further expanding the metaverse.



The ability to receive royalties from wrapped NFTs and to sell NFTs at a higher price. New functionality for the users.


Core team

Alexander Shedogubov

Alexander Shedogubov

Chief Executive Officer

Role: management and product
Entrepreneur in the field of IoT, blockchain and logistics, founder of blockchain project «Pax Plus».
8 years of management experience in the IT-sphere.

Maks S

Maksim S

Chief Technology Officer

Role: technology management and development
Entrepreneur, blockchain and smart-contract development software engineer in blockchain and FinTech, co-founder of «IBER Group».
19 years of experience in FinTech and 6 years in Web3.0 software development.

Chief Adviser


Chief Adviser

Role: system architecture; consulting & audit
Entrepreneur, Web3.0 explorer and analytic, investor to p2p, crypto evangelist, writer, founder of DAO Synergis.
5 years of experience in IT-legal, 9 years in crypto-world.

Alexander Kuzin

Alexander Kuzin

Chief Business Development Officer

Role: business development of the product.
Entrepreneur, business developer of IT products (Agora, AcquiroPay) and partnership networks for 11 years, founder of «EVEN cross-chain network».
13 years years in strategic business development.

Questions & Answers

How are fees allocated when wrapping through a protocol?

When wrapping, the author sets a transfer’s fee. This fee goes back into the contract, and a percentage (royalty) is paid to the author of the wrapped token.

Why did you choose the ethereum blockchain and how the ether scaling difficulty affects the project?

This could be wrapped bitcoin (wBTC and others), ERC-20 and/or BIP-20 tokens, cryptocurrencies of various types, etc. The Protocol is initially built on the Ethereum blockchain (including via the L2 layer — e.g. Polygon) and BSC, but in the future (see Roadmap) it is planned to create implementations on Flow, WAX, Solana, Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche and other DRS, because we are deeply convinced cross-chain is the future of all decentralised and distributed systems. Exactly the same applies to second and subsequent layer solutions. ENVELOP likewise supports multiple token standards, including such less frequent ones as Atomic DSS, R and DS token standards.


Top-10 at Binance Russia Hackathon

55 teams took part in the hackathon. ENVELOP was acknowledged as top 3 project and took part in a private presentation to Binance Global.

Grant from Rarible

At Binance Hackathon Russia 2021, ENVELOP was given a grant by Rarible in the category «MVP functionality». The grant was awarded on 27.04.2021.

ENVELOP MVP in a video

Grant from Polygon

Polygon gave a grant to ENVELOP for the implementation of the ENVELOP protocol to the Polygon network. The grant was awarded on 25.06.2021.

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