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Cross-chain multi-tool protocol providing true value to your NFT

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What is Envelop (NIFTSY)?

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wrapps collateral, distributes royalties, adds value from transactions to the wrapped collateral



monitor the transactions of NFTs, filter spam transactions and increase the value of NFTs, depending on the transactions performed.



monitors the market activity from different sources, providing an objective picture of the market in real time. Real NFT 2.0.

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Use cases

  • Envelop cross chain protocol for crypto derivatives in Oort Digital
  • SAFT wNFT, tokenized tradable vested allocations for Animoca Brands
  • NFT2.0 Launchpad with custom showcases to sell NFT2.0 with Scaleswap
  • Liquid farming with no loss of APY for Sharkrace
  • Index, tradable non-custodial crypto funds for TWIM
  •, event-as-a-service (EAAS) platform to create events and mint tickets with marketing opportunities
  • Bridgeless, p2p swap with decentralized liquidity
  • Upgradable SBT, dynamic onchain reputation system designed to involve community
  • Gifts - Web3 style gifts with assets inside and unwrap conditions
  • Subscription, Applicable module for any web3 startups
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We are decentralized team gathered to deliver Envelop solutions. Basing on principles of Web 3.0 we unite people from all over the world to contribute for the whole industry.

Questions & Answers

How are fees allocated when  wrapping  through a protocol?

When wrapping, the author sets a transfer’s fee. This fee goes back into the contract, and a percentage (royalty) is paid to the author of the wrapped token.

Why did you choose the ethereum blockchain and how the ether scaling difficulty affects the project?

This could be wrapped bitcoin (wBTC and others), ERC-20 and/or BIP-20 tokens, cryptocurrencies of various types, etc. The Protocol is initially built on the Ethereum blockchain (including via the L2 layer — e.g. Polygon) and BSC, but in the future (see Roadmap) it is planned to create implementations on Flow, WAX, Solana, Polkadot, Cosmos, Avalanche and other DRS, because we are deeply convinced cross-chain is the future of all decentralised and distributed systems. Exactly the same applies to second and subsequent layer solutions. Envelop likewise supports multiple token standards, including such less frequent ones as Atomic DSS, R and DS token standards.

Does the project have a token?

Yes. DAO Envelop native token is NIFTSY.

How can a game get 10,000 Web3.0 users at the launch?

Tokenize game skills. With Envelop’s Skill NFT you can sell or transfer the power/speed/health or defense of the hero, expressed in tokens that are within the NFT hero itself and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges!

How to attract tokenholders to farming if 90% of them are speculators?

With Envelop’s liquid farming you can trade or transfer both the body of the Farming and future profits without any losses.

How to start monetization and increase token utility?

Envelop Subscription offers "Service Farming" to increase token utility and monetization at discounted rates. Project tokens are locked on the user's balance. In this way the project gets a user of its dApp and reduces the сcirculation of tokens. At the same time, the tokens remain on the user's balance.

How do you preserve your assets if your wallet has been hacked?

An Envelop NFT wallet can store and transfer digital assets by transferring the NFT itself. An NFT key is created for such a wallet, which can be on a different network and wallet. Only the owner of the key will be able to unlock the liquidity within the NFT, even if the NFT itself is stolen.

What is SBT

Soulbound token is a non-transferable token for on-chain reputation.

How to tokenize skills in DAO, DeFi, GameFi?

Using Envelop's dynamic SBT. Нou can add other ERC-20 tokens of the activities of this SBT inside it, and each of the activities can also have its own separate value. For example participation time, number of swaps, number of wins, etc.

How to get passive income from gaming NFT without the risk of losing them?

Envelop offers non pledge NFT rental and royalty payments.

How to increase the likelihood of fundraising for a web3 startup?

You can use SAFT wNFT - vesting NFT by Envelop.

How do you surprise your friends and family with a self-made Web3.0 gift with real value?
  • Personalize your NFT envelope by adding a photo or video together, for example.
  • Make the gift send in advance by setting a time lock until the desired date. The person to whom you made the gift will be able to "open" it on the designated date, not before
  • Prohibit the transfer of the NFT envelope to other wallets and be sure that your gift will never be transferred to another person.
  • Put a lot of digital assets inside the NFT envelope.
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Envelop Innovations

The World’s 1st wINO

Envelop made history when it became the 1st project to do a wrapped Initial NFT Offering. The first ever wINO was completed on the Envelop launch pad on October 20, 2021.

The Worlds 1st VC contribution via SAFT (Safe Automated Future Tokens) wNFT

On November 11, 2021, Envelop enabled the 1st ever Venture Capital distribution via wNFT.

The Worlds 1st L3 liquidity provider via wNFT

The Envelop Oracle is a 1st of its kind, allowing anyone or anything to become a Liquidity Provider, with the Oracle itself being any smart contract that implements the defined functions.

The Worlds 1st farming via wNFT

DAO Envelop is the creator of the farming approach by which one can lock in liquidity in different tokens and coins, gaining rewards for doing so, but also have wNFT to sell on the secondary (OTC/DEXs) market.

Supported by Partners

Support from Animoca Brands

Renowned venture capitalist investors Animoca brands have backed Envelop’s wNFT technology.

7 Grants and Hackathons
Achieve 01

Top-10 at Binance Russia Hackathon

55 teams took part in the hackathon. Envelop was acknowledged as top 3 project and took part in a private presentation to Binance Global.

Achieve 02

Grant from Rarible

At Binance Hackathon Russia 2021, Envelop was given a grant by Rarible in the category «MVP functionality». The grant was awarded on 27.04.2021.

Envelop MVP in a video

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Grant from Polygon

Polygon gave a grant to Envelop for the implementation of the Envelop protocol to the Polygon network. The grant was awarded on 25.06.2021.

Swarm. ETH

Grant from Swarm

Envelop received a grant from Swarm to further develop Envelop with Swarm’s technology, integrating Envelop’s proprietary technological system into SWARM’s peer-to-peer networked node system. The grant was awarded on December 17, 2021.

Harmony blockchain

Grant from Harmony

Harmony awarded Envelop a grant to build their wNFT technology on their Testnet. The $50,000 grant was awarded at the end of 2021.

Near blockchain

Grant from Near

Near also awarded Envelop with $50,000 grant to build their wNFT technology. Near will also act as a consultant in search of new partnerships and collaborations for Envelop. The grant was awarded on January 11, 2022.

Aptos blockchain

Aptos Foundation selected Envelop for a grant to accelerate

The grant was awarded on July 7, 2023.


The NIFTSY token of the Envelop project

has been audited by CERTIK.

The Envelop protocol version 0

has been audited by the Smartstate.

The Envelop protocol version 1

has been audited by the Iber.

Hackenproof's Bug Bounty Program

Launched on June 16, 2023.

Envelop's Bug Bounty Program

in our documentaion.

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Media about us

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Let’s make something awesome together!

Supercharge your NFTs and decentralize liquidity with us!

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