During each visit to the DAO’s website, some data related to the Client’s behaviour on the DAO’s website, such as location, menu choices and similar, is passively collected and stored using special cookies.

The DAO’s websites use cookies, both proprietary and third party cookies, such as Google Analytics and/or Yandex.Metrika, as a means of collecting data about a particular view of pages and sections of the DAO’s website by the Client.

A cookie is a small text file sent by the Client’s browser, through which the Client visited the DAO’s website. It helps the DAO’s automated web site tools to remember information about the visit, including the preferred language and other settings provided by the Client. Without personalized information, you can access the DAO’s website without cookies. Restrictions related to the necessary use of cookies may apply to areas of the DAO’s website limited by the Client’s login-password binding that require authorization on the DAO’s website.